Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Healings

Within the month of September 2007 we've seen a few more healings.

Jason, an elementary-aged boy was healed last night 9/28 of a lump on his belly button. It happened right after three ladies were crying out to God for more sign and wonders.

Stephanie and Jose's approached me (Michael) after church a few weeks back regarding their young daughter who had a lump under the skin of her armpit. We prayed and then I encouraged Stephanie to continue laying hands on her throughout the week. Within two weeks the lump was healed to the point that the doctor said she was all better.

At the Randy Clark School of Healing and Impartation in Tucson:

Pastor John and Becca prayed for a man who had not been able to stand up for more than a short time. He'd had this condition for years. After extensive prayer and ministry, the man testified that he was able to stand for an extended amount of time with no pain. Praise God!

Pastor Irene prayed for a lady who drug her foot when she walked. She was healed and able to walk without limitations!

Christina gave a word of knowledge regarding 'hearing aids'...God wanted to restore somebody's hearing. No one took the word and so Christina was going to her seat when DeDe approached her and said, "That word is for me...will you pray for me?" She was 80% deaf in one ear and 100% deaf in the other. Christina prayed for DeDe and her hearing improved to the point where she took her hearing aids out. The left ear was healed, the right ear was a bit fuzzy. They continued praying. The following day her hearing was 90% restored!

I prayed for a lady who had received healing in one eye during one of Randy's talks. Her other eye still needed healing. I prayed for her astigmatism and God healed her!

Glory To God In The Highest!