Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Global Awakening Y Mas

Compiled List Of Local Healings

Christian Miller 10/23/2006: In Payson, AZ. Healed of stomach flu. Complete healing within 30 minutes. His skin color went from mild green to normal.

Pam Johnson 10/28/2006: In Goodyear, AZ. Healed of rotator cuff pain with limited mobility. She received complete healing and relief in 15 minutes.

Faith Miller 10/29/2006: In Avondale, AZ. Healed of stomach pain. Prayed for by Ashley Johnson. Received complete healing in 15 minutes.

Sara Blevins 11/26/2006: In Goodyear, AZ. Healed of abdominal cramps via Word Of Knowledge and Prayer at Alpha Course.

Linda Valles 11/26/2006: In Goodyear, AZ. Healed of shoulder immobility via Word Of Knowledge and Prayer at Alpha Course.

Connie Neuharth 12/14/2006:In Goodyear, AZ. Painful back healed within 20 minutes.

Global Awakening With Randy Clark
December 2006 I joined roughly 40 other ministers from around the globe traveling to Brazil with Randy Clark and Global Awakening. Here are some of my testimonies from this trip.Bauru: Bauru is a small city of roughly 310,000 people. It is known as a university town about 4 hours outside of Sao Paulo. I think there are about 11 colleges, training schools, and universities in Bauru. Our first few sessions were led by Mike and Cherrie Kaylor of the Coral Springs Vineyard in Ft. Lauderdale. The first in-house session was an impartation. Mike and Cherrie gave a little background and then invited the Holy Spirit to come and impart gifts, callings, and power. I was the first person prayed for and I really didn’t feel anything spectacular. The prayed over me and, although I sensed the presence of God, I didn’t have any weird manifestations that I’ve come to love. After they finished praying, I simply soaked in the presence of God for over an hour. I later received a word from Cherrie Kaylor, during an intercession time, that God has big things in store for me. After the first hour, I really started sensing more power around and in me. I rested for quite a while and then proceeded to meet my team leader who was sitting quietly against the back wall. Once I touched her hand during the initial hand shake, the Holy Spirit’s power came upon both of us. I began prophesying over her and we were both getting additional impartation.I experienced three more times of impartations: the next one was with Randy Clark. After receiving prayer, I fell to the floor and was really worked-over by the Lord for over an hour. I was so powerfully touched, that when I tried to nap that afternoon, I still convulsed under God’s power every time I thought of ministry and/or impartation. I had to focus on not thinking about the Lord just to get some rest. The next impartation was with Davi Silva. Davi asked, “Michael, what do you want?” I responded, “More humility and more power.” Davi agreed that was a very good request and then proceeded to pray for the ministry of Jesus Christ to fall upon me. I went out under the power of God. The last impartation was with Randy again. Randy prayed for more love, compassion, and power for me. He said that I would operate in faith much like Peter who was on the water while the other disciples were in the boat. He prayed that I would step into the boat with Both Feet. Cherrie Kaylor then imparted the “Father’s Tone” into my voice so that demonic assignments would manifest and be canceled immediately upon the sound of my voice.
Thursday, December 14, 2006

These are the conservative totals for the results of the trip:

Estimated Attendance: 6900
Physical Healings: 737
Of These:
Blind or legally blind seeing better than 80%: 9
Deaf or mostly deaf ears now open and hearing: 6
Tumors or cysts disappearing before our eyes: 11
Those who could not walk now walking: 3

Emotional, Inner Healing and Deliverances: 338
Salvations: 188
Blasted: 467
Called into Ministry: 56

Here is an update as of 12/2 6:30 am. Last night was our first meeting. We met at a G12 church here in Bauru. After worship, one of the global team members gave a simple message on healing. He then asked for words of knowledge from the team. I came up first and gave 3. I had a few people respond and a couple of them received healing: arthritis in the finger/wrist. Very cool. Praise God. Another guy came up from my last word and he received forgiveness and prayer for his immorality.The pastor’s wife responded to my word for arthritis in the wrist and in the knee. After some prayer and discussion, she revealed that her oldest boy had been killed in a car accident 6 years ago. She hadn’t received prayer to heal her emotions and so I prayed for her. She responded well and had me pray for her younger son Daniel. At the end of our time in Bauru, she told me that God had healed her wrist and knee. I believe that God is healing her emotions as well.Another lady insisted that I pray for her and she was really insisting on me. Thru the interpreter, the fabulous Edd, I discovered she had many issues-the biggest of all was that she wasn’t even saved. I avoided her as long as possible...she had many failed attempts at healing and I eventually told her that I would only pray for her if she pretended that this was the first time she ever received prayer for her problem. Well, this is a long story...she eventually had the reality of judgment explained to her, then she heard the gospel, then she got saved, then she emptied all the sin out of her life through confession, then she got filled with the Holy Spirit. It was a nice beginning.The next day, Saturday, I prayed for a man with a sciatic nerve problem who was healed. One right knee on a soccer player healed. One lady whose son had been murdered 6 months ago received emotional healing and joy. She went from very downcast to very peaceful and joyful. On that day as well we saw one blind eye healed. My roommate Lee Prock from Winchester, VA

saw at least 5-7 folks healed on Saturday night.Sunday. 12/3 more great stuff today. 96 miraculous healings today. We split up between 8 churches and saw a massive amount of healings. In the morning some team members saw a lady’s leg grow 4 inches. Amazing. Tonight a Canadian pastor told one church that if Jesus didn’t heal then he wouldn’t preach. He then told the local pastor’s wife to get prayer and her broken elbow which had a hole in the bone was completely and instantly healed in JESUS´NAME. At the G12 church I attended at night, Wendy-Kaye Russell was the main speaker and she invited me to speak a little as well. I shared how healing impacts the G12 ladder of success. I we easily had 300 folks attend and we prayed for about half of them. I had all the guys. Many people were healed. Especially bad backs. Pain was defeated. One guy had a curse placed upon him by an ex-girlfriend’s family…leading to an infection causing sterilization. I broke the curse and prayed for him. It was really powerful. I saw at least 3 healed backs, one healed hernia, one un-healed scar on a guy’s butt was healed and dramatically shrunk, and one hand was healed. One physician received an impartation for healing ministry. Three were blasted. At the end of our time in Bauru, that same G12 pastor came to the big meeting and during impartation, I could see that he really wasn’t receiving what he wanted…so he sat back down. I worked my way over to him and got him away from his family and prayed for him. He got radically blasted and ended up on the floor shaking for several minutes.On Monday, 12/4, in Bauru, one young lady, whose mom we led to Christ earlier, got healed from pain in her head and pain in her ears. Another younger girl got healed of a back problem. All pain left and flexibility was restored.On Tuesday, 12/5, one woman was being prayed for by our Canadian friends,

Chris and Michelle Kaidannek from Edmonton. They had begun ministering to her. She had diabetes. One of her eyes was really bad and she was overweight. We prayed together and she got a big touch from Jesus. She went down and then I prayed for her extremities…laying a hand on her hands and feet one at a time. She got up and I prayed for her eye. I took bottled drinking water and put some on my thumbs and wiped my wet thumbs into her eyes. Her eyes got healed and she looked 100% better. She then noticed that her skirt didn’t fit anymore. She had lost at least 4 inches on her waist while she was receiving ministry. Praise God. I really believe that diabetes was healed. She just looked so much better and the eye and the weight loss were signs as well that she’d been completely healed.That same night, a woman with a deviated septum got completely healed after having fallen under the power of God. In fact, I saw three deviated septum healed in three nights.Recife:On 12/6 we then traveled to Recife, on the coast. We stayed at a beach-front hotel. Unfortunately, our meetings in Campina Grandes were canceled due to accusations within a newspaper article. We were expecting many more thousands of people. So we ended up in Recife doing a hastily-thrown together conference. Crowds were pretty small by Global standards. But God was present. We saw many healings. We ministered there on two nights before Davi Silva could catch a plane and join us.On 12/7, the first night, I was involved in intercessory prayer during the service and also during much of the ministry time. I operated in more of a prayer support role that night.On 12/8, the second night, I spent the entire message interceding in the back of the meeting. There were just too many distractions. I felt that it was important for me to pray in order for people to really receive. I can remember seeing a couple of healings and lots of people getting blasted by God’s love and power.On 12/9, I received a word of knowledge in the form of an animated thought…which was regarding a person who had dropped an object on their foot thus breaking their foot. A lady on the front row responded and was completely healed after just one minute of prayer. She then gave her testimony to the crowd and to the internet simulcast.Amy Flynn from Minnesota and I met a woman who had a severely restricted torso and neck. She couldn’t mover her head more than 5 degrees in any direction. She also suffered greatly from neck, shoulder, and back pain. Through interviewing her, we discovered that 7 years ago someone had placed a witchcraft curse on her…that is when her immobility and pain began. In Jesus’ name, we broke the power and the effects of all curses. After several minutes of healing prayer, manifesting in a high degree of heat on the affected parts of her body, she could mover her head about 75-80 degrees in many directions. All upper torso pain left her as well. She was greatly encouraged! During the healing prayer, she saw a vision of Jesus standing beside her, ministering to her.On 12/10, the final Sunday night, we split up the team into several smaller teams. My team consisted of my roommate, Lee who preached, John Hernandez of the Tempe Vineyard ,

from Detroit a pastor named Tom Kearney, and Susan Dammann, a nurse. We were driven to a small church, which building was part of a run-down commercial complex in a neighboring ghetto. Upon our arrival we couldn’t help but notice, not 25 yards from the church was an RV equipped with giant speakers playing crazy music really loudly. We were told that the local soccer team (football) had won an important game. So crowds of people were in the street, drinking, dancing, yelling and celebrating. Within two minutes of our arrival a street fight/small riot broke out. All the while, there were only 3 church members in the church building. It didn’t look very promising. The little church eventually filled up with 110 people. Lee preached a great sermon. Out team gave words of knowledge and a few people responded. By the end of the night, 6 people I prayed for received healing. John saw on blind eye healed, one deliverance, and one blasted pastor. One lady I prayed for had severe back issues. She could bend over or back. After receiving prayer, she had so much more mobility that she could touch her toes and the floor without bending her knees. All pain left her as well. Together we saw 26 healings that night.

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