Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More In June

Pastor John had opportunity to pray for his hospitalized aunt. The doctors essentially had given up hope that she would live. John laid hands on his aunt and prayed for her. Her condition immediately improved to the point where her family calls it a miracle.

On Sunday, June 17th, Beth M. received prayer for an irregular heartbeat. I was happy to pray for Beth who has suffered with this condition for decades. The following Sunday Beth reported having no irregular heartbeats during the entire week!

On Sunday, June 24th, Tracy responded to words of knowledge given regarding a painful left eye and a painful skull (top). Just prior to the service, Tracy had injured her eye while spraying her plants with a hose. The pressurized water sprayed her left eye, causing intense pain. After receiving prayer Tracy reported a vast improvement in both conditions. That's Jesus for you!

Christina M. continues praying for injured/sick co-workers at the Arizona Legislature. Last week, she prayed for a worker who had injured his hand. Later that day, the worker came back to tell Christina that he had been completely healed!

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